Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Well the New Year has arrived and it seems to have all the hustle and bustle that 2013 was simmering with. Did you make any resolutions this year?

My main resolution for 2014 is to lead a more organized life. I come from a long lineage of gatherers (read: borderline hoarders), which means that papers tend to stack up around me like northern snow drifts. The important stuff gets taken care of quickly, letters written, consults sent. The junk mail leaves even quicker via the "circular file".


My problem is the middle ground, the journals that have an article or two that I want to read again (or find time to read in the first place), the marketing ideas that I'm considering, but haven't committed to yet, the flyer for the energy company that is offering me a better rate and my contract with my current company is not over yet; all the little bits that I can't part company with...just yet...but don't want to file away where they will be forgotten.
There is part of the offending stack. A little monster today that will grow until she begins to rear her head and gnash at me with sharp teeth and ragged claws. I say, not this year! This year I will conquer the battle of the paper bulge and keeps the stacks in reign. This year I will commit to placing items in folders to look at again and not letting them stack up. This year I will label those folders monthly and when the month comes I will review what is inside, then it will go in the circular file (see above) or into permanent filing as a future resource.
I am determined to fight my clutter bug this year and I am determined to BE THE CHAMPION! This year I will work on organizing my life as beautifully as the smiles I create. I know that my talents are great, my heart is sincere, and my attention is laser focused; which means there is no stopping me.
Watch out world of paper stacks, here I come!

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