Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Keeping in Line with...no AHEAD of...the Times

Technology keeps changing. I've determined to be at the top of my game, to be the best I can be in my profession, and that means staying on top of technology. The biggest problem with technology is that it keeps changing. It is a moving target - a running, dodging, leaping target at some times.

Everyone knows that to get anything done, you have to set a goal and then put forth a plan of action or a path to achieve the goal. Where do we come up with goals? Goals arise as we look forward into the vision we have for our self, or in this case, my practice. So, what is my vision for my practice, you ask? It is to provide exceptional orthodontic care, with outstanding customer service, where we put the patient and their family first.

I graduated at the top of my dental school class and attended one of the premier orthodontic residency training programs in the US http://www.db.uth.tmc.edu/ . I earned my Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and a Minor in Political Science from the University of Missouri. My D.D.S degree was earned from the UTHealth School of Dentistry and also my Certificate in Orthodontics and my M.S. degree from the UTHealth School of Dentistry. Yearly, I exceed the requirements for continuing education.

As the Clinical Director of the Orthodontic Residency Program at the UTHealth School of Dentistry, I teach trained dentists how to successfully treat and care for orthodontic patients. I am dedicated to educating the newest orthodontists, so that they too can learn to provide exceptional orthodontic care. My residents graduate from our program knowing both the fundamentals of orthodontics and the purpose behind what we do. I strive to be a leader AND a learner.

At my office, each patient is treated as an individual. We use the highest quality brackets from a company that supports American workmanship http://www.americanortho.com/. We have a digital xray machine to limit our patient's exposure. And looking forward, I am investing in an intraoral scanner to make the patient's experience even better.

Goal - Learn a new technique and implement it for the benefit of my patients.
Action Plan - Add an intraoral scanner for patient virtual impressions.

At McGrory Orthodontics, we make it a point to really listen to what our patients are telling us. What motivates them to seek treatment and how we can help them get their best result. Our staff regularly communicates with our patient's dental home to make sure that treatment stays on time and that patients are able to get the cleanings and check-ups that they need during their orthodontic care.

We help patients navigate the tangled web of insurance to help maximize their benefits and utilize flex-spend dollars and HSA accounts. It's helpful to have someone on your side and working with you to get the proper coverage.

Our team regularly meets to work on providing the best possible experience for our patients. As your orthodontic family, we want you to have an amazing experience with us. If their is anything we can do to improve your experience, let me know!

Goal - Listen to patient feedback regarding office environment.
Action Plan - Install our TV's in the main treatment bay.

When you join the family at McGrory Orthodontics, we strive to treat you like family. When we heard tummies grumbling after school, we started having snacks on hand for patients on the go! When mom came in bleary-eyed for our early before-school appointments, we made sure there was fresh-ground, fresh-brewed coffee available to help perk her up.

We work with our patients schedule to try and accommodate school schedules, sports competitions, band practice, and all the other little and big things that are on our daily to-do list. Orthodontics shouldn't be a hassle, but it does take a level of commitment. We understand that and we respect that by working hard to stay on time so that you can stay on time too! We are moms and sisters and cousins and daughters and aunts, so we know what you're dealing with and we try to make your life a little easier whenever you visit with us.

Goal - Find ways to encourage and support our patients.
Action Plan - Use a portion of our marketing dollars to sponsor our patients' activities - Swim clubs, Table Tennis Club, Gymnastics...

Now I've shared a bit more about my vision for my practice going forward. The important thing about vision is that it has to be regularly checked to make sure you're still headed in the right direction. So if you have a comment on or suggestion for my practice or our team, let me know! We welcome feedback and hope to make your orthodontic experience the BEST!

- Dr. McGrory

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Look Back...

Recently, I met with four fabulous female orthodontists that practice in surrounding communities to talk about practice life, family life, and the wonderful web that we spin to keep it all going. These amazing women in dentistry are strong business leaders and caring mothers, involved in their community, and all have a Servant's heart. Last Friday, we were chatting about what new trends in getting the word out (a.k.a. marketing and advertising) we had all been experimenting with, when my friend Carin said that she was about to write her first blog for her orthodontic practice. I wondered silently, "Could I do that?" That struck a chord in me that wouldn't go quiet; so, I have decided to venture into the great unknown and begin a blog for my practice. Maybe it's just time to get some things off my chest ...before it bursts with pride.

This past August marked our 5th year serving the orthodontic needs of the people of Pearland, south Houston, and greater Brazoria County. Wow! Time flies! It has been an amazing roller coaster ride watching the growth of my practice and watching my sweet patients grow into amazing young men and women. When I first set-up practice in Pearland in 2008, I never realized what an incredible bond I would form with the families I serve. I love to watch my patients grow and to share in their successes. I feel like a proud parent when they say they had a great day at school or they are excited because they got their braces off and homecoming is in two weeks! I say let's celebrate! Patients that have been done with treatment for awhile and are back to have their retainer checked often comment on the growth and are excited to see how busy we are getting. So are we! 

So...keep inviting your friends...and keep bringing your family members along to catch the movie playing in our movie room...and we will keep making you smile. After all, that's our job!