Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Look Back...

Recently, I met with four fabulous female orthodontists that practice in surrounding communities to talk about practice life, family life, and the wonderful web that we spin to keep it all going. These amazing women in dentistry are strong business leaders and caring mothers, involved in their community, and all have a Servant's heart. Last Friday, we were chatting about what new trends in getting the word out (a.k.a. marketing and advertising) we had all been experimenting with, when my friend Carin said that she was about to write her first blog for her orthodontic practice. I wondered silently, "Could I do that?" That struck a chord in me that wouldn't go quiet; so, I have decided to venture into the great unknown and begin a blog for my practice. Maybe it's just time to get some things off my chest ...before it bursts with pride.

This past August marked our 5th year serving the orthodontic needs of the people of Pearland, south Houston, and greater Brazoria County. Wow! Time flies! It has been an amazing roller coaster ride watching the growth of my practice and watching my sweet patients grow into amazing young men and women. When I first set-up practice in Pearland in 2008, I never realized what an incredible bond I would form with the families I serve. I love to watch my patients grow and to share in their successes. I feel like a proud parent when they say they had a great day at school or they are excited because they got their braces off and homecoming is in two weeks! I say let's celebrate! Patients that have been done with treatment for awhile and are back to have their retainer checked often comment on the growth and are excited to see how busy we are getting. So are we! 

So...keep inviting your friends...and keep bringing your family members along to catch the movie playing in our movie room...and we will keep making you smile. After all, that's our job!


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